Cost Savings - Memolub One vs. Memolub HPS

The MEMOLUB® ONE LPS (Low Pressure System) was developed as a very economical single-point lubricator that is particularly suited for applications that require a limited quantity of lubricant over a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month period of time.

All the MEMOLUB® lubricators use the same patented positive displacement pumping system that applies the output pressure to only the lubricant being immediately ejected into the bearing.  This important feature eliminates most of the problems of grease serparation that result from systems that subject the entire quantity of lubricant to continuous pressure.


The MEMOLUB® HPS Lubricator Memo


The MEMO regulates the rate of grease output of the MEMOLUB® HPS. It consists of a brass adapter, a black plastic timing-ring holder, and three plastic timing rings (one white, one red, and one black).  The MEMO is permanently fitted onto the bearing or other component, and all MEMOLUB® HPS lubricators of any size will recognize its program setting.

Volumetric Setting of the MEMO

The brass adapter is an extension of the MEMOLUB's pump cylinder.  One end has a short ¼” NPT thread used to mount the MEMO on the bearing. The other end is an M12x1.50 thread that screws into the MEMOLUB® lubricator. A set of special stroke-limiting washers is supplied with each MEMOLUB® for use in programming the volume of lubricant ejected on each output cycle.

When the MEMO is used without washers (yielding full piston stroke), the output volume at each stroke is 0.635cc. For each washer inserted into the brass adapter of the MEMO, the output volume will decrease by 0.04cc per stroke.  A Maximum of 8 washers (including a lock washer) can be inserted into the brass adapter.  If the stroke-limiting washers are used, the lock washer should be inserted last to hold the others in place. If only one washer is used, use the locking washer. Important Note: When using the 2-Point Splitter volumetric setting is not possible.

Frequency Setting of the MEMO

The white, red, and black plastic timing rings are used to set the frequency of ejection cycles of the MEMOLUB® HPS. They are inserted into the black plastic ring-holder either individually or in combination to obtain the desired frequency of output cycles.

 Using the volumetric program settings described above, and the frequency settings shown,  it is possible to achieve 52 different rates of lubricant output. The output settings are shown on in our "Installation Instruction" sheets under "Basic Program Settings” and "Fine Tuning Your Lubrication Program.

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