The versatility of the MEMOLUB® Lubrication Systems is widely recognized and highly regarded in industry today as a valuable asset in controlled lubrication. For years the MEMOLUB® automatic lubricator has helped hundreds of industries improve reliability and cost savings throughout their facilities. The MEMOLUB® offers advanced lubrication control by applying a precise amount of clean lubricant at the correct time intervals.   .....Download
2-Point Lubrication System The 2-Point MEMOLUB® System is especially designed for the economical lubrication of two bearing shaft systems, for example, electric motors, pumps, fans, etc. The Splitter-MEMO evenly divides the volume of lubricant during each ejection cycle of the MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator. It transforms a single MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator into a two-outlet lubricating system. The 2-Point MEMOLUB® System includes a MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator with Splitter-MEMO and push-in tube fittings installed on a Mounting Bracket. Tubing and push-in bearing fittings are purchased separately. Tubing in various lengths, pre-filled with the desired lubricant, is also available to further simplify the installation process. The system can be used with any of the three sizes of MEMOLUB® HPS lubricators, the Standard Model 120, the Mega Model 240 and the Giga Model 480. They can also be used with any of the power options available with the MEMOLUB®. The 2-Point Memolub® System can be used only in grease applications.   .....Download
The MEMOLUB® HPS is an automatic, self-contained, electro-mechanical lubricator. The "HPS" in its name stands for High Pressure System. It ejects grease or oil under programmable control at an output pressure of 350psi. There are three available models:   .....Download
The new MEMOLUB® Protective Cover is our most durable cover yet. Built to last under the toughest conditions, this cover is designed to meet your needs and is easy to install.   .....Download
HPS, EPC, EPS 4.5VDC, EPS 12VDC, EPS 24VDC, 24VDC-PLC - Input Power Source, Battery Pack / 4.5VDC, Battery Pack / 4.5VDC, External 4.5VDC or 110VAC (with transformer), External / 12VDC, External / 24VDC, External / 24VDC - Output Programming Control, Lubricator On/Off Control, Lubricator Output Settings, Multi-Point Compatible, Splitter Block Compatible*, Motor Housing Color, Use with Grease (to NLGI #2), Use with Oil, Available in all 3 sizes, Output Pressure, Temperature Range **, Remote Installation (single-point)   .....Download
Pumps are an integral part of any plant operation that moves fluids from point to point.   .....Download
MEMOLUB® 5-point Multi-Point System supplied constant lubrication to the bearings, while the unscrambler was in operatio   .....Download