GREASOMATIC lubricators extend conveyor life
"The GREASOMATIC® lubricators take the guesswork out of lubrication for our customers. They’re simple and foolproof." - Shawn Hoover Owner, Atlas Equipment Services Greasomatics help mitigate bearing failure and expensive downtime on mission critical Atlas mining and aggregate conveyors at a...
GREASOMATIC conveyor advantages
Remotely mounted Greasomatics lubricate the bearings of a sand tripper conveyor. Conveyors, used in aggregate, mining, farm and other material handling applications, have it rough. They’re exposed to a variety of environmental challenges, including dust, dirt and the rugged, abrasive materials they...
Greasomatic Benefits & Features YouTube Video
Watch the new Greasomatic video. This video outlines the features and benefits of the Greasomatic Self Contained Automatic Lubricator. Prevent expensive equipment failure and downtime. Enlist the Greasomatic in your preventative maintenance program!
Greasomatic Automatic Lubricator
The NEW reliable, simple, and efficient Single-Point lubrication system from POWER LUBE INDUSTRIAL. The GREASOMATIC is a self-contained programmable lubricator built to meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance professional. 7 dial settings allow 120cc of lubricant to be injected over 1 to 12 months.