MEMOLUB keep dairy farm manure pumps operating smoothly
Manure pumps are exposed to harsh conditions at dairy farms in California’s Central Valley. San Joaquin Valley Dairy Equipment relies on MEMOLUB automatic lubricators to extend their life and keep everything flowing smoothly. At first glance, a California dairy farm wouldn’t seem to be a corrosive...
Memolub One & Memolub HPS | Power Lube Industrial
The MEMOLUB® ONE LPS (Low Pressure System) was developed as a very economical single-point lubricator that is particularly suited for applications that require a limited quantity of lubricant over a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month period of time. All the MEMOLUB® lubricators use the same patented positive...
Memolub & Cost Savings | Power Lube Industrial
Reduce Maintenance Cost & Improve Bearing Lubrication. Most bearing failures are a result of inadequate lubrication. Over- or under-lubricating can shorten the life of your bearings resulting in production downtime. It is important not only to know the proper lubricant for each application, but...
Memolub Replacement Kit Video | Power Lube Industrial
Join Paul Dienberg of the Powerlube Lube Industrial staff as he demonstrates the ease of changing out Memolub lubricant refill cartridges and battery packs in this short 3 minute YouTube video.
Greasomatic Benefits & Features YouTube Video
Watch the new Greasomatic video. This video outlines the features and benefits of the Greasomatic Self Contained Automatic Lubricator. Prevent expensive equipment failure and downtime. Enlist the Greasomatic in your preventative maintenance program!
Automatic Lubricators in Cold Temperatures
Can Automatic Lubricators Work in Cold Temperatures? This is a question that is often asked as the temperatures get colder and colder and the idea of lubricating those outdoor applications becomes very unattractive. In searching for a solution that will take care of those lube points without having...
Greasomatic Automatic Lubricator
The NEW reliable, simple, and efficient Single-Point lubrication system from POWER LUBE INDUSTRIAL. The GREASOMATIC is a self-contained programmable lubricator built to meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance professional. 7 dial settings allow 120cc of lubricant to be injected over 1 to 12 months.
Remote Mounted MEMOLUB PLCd
Properly lubricating your machinery while production is running can often be a challenge. Frequently lube points are inaccessible due to: Safe guards to protect workers Unfortunate machine design Hazardous or elevated locations To access these lube points a plant usually need to schedule production...
Memolub and Greasomatic Single Point Lubricators
Electrochemical Lubricators vs. Electromechanical lubricators? An “Electrochemical” single-use automatic lubricator dispenses lubricant at a controlled rate by activating an internal gas generator. The gas is generated by combining two elements in a sealed chamber. As the amount of gas increases it builds up pressure against the piston which dispenses the lubricant into your lube point.
Market Wired - Greasomatic
RACINE, WI--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) - Power Lube Industrial recently released Greasomatic® -- a programmable, single-use, single-point automatic lubricator to meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance professional. It provides metered lubrication delivery at an affordable price and is built to perform in a variety of applications, making it a reliable low-maintenance solution.