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Memolub & Cost Savings | Power Lube Industrial
Reduce Maintenance Cost & Improve Bearing Lubrication Most bearing failures are a result of inadequate lubrication. Over or under-lubricating can shorten the life of your bearings resulting in production downtime. It is important not only to know the proper lubricant for each application, but...
Greasomatic Automatic Lubricator
The NEW reliable, Simple & Efficient Single-Point lubrication system from POWER LUBE INDUSTRIAL. The GREASOMATIC is a self-contained programmable lubricator built to meet the requirements of the industrial maintenance professional. 7 dial settings allow 120cc's of lubricant to be ejected over 1 to 12 months.
Remote Mounted MEMOLUB PLCd
Properly lubricating your machinery while production is running can often be a challenge. Frequently lube points are inaccessible due to: Safe guards to protect workers Unfortunate machine design Hazardous or elevated locations To access these lube points a plant usually need to schedule production...