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Remote Installation of Automatic Lubricators

Greasomatic automatic lubricators are used extensively in quarry conveyor lubrication, mine conveyor lubrication, shovel lubrication and crusher lubrication.

Quarry and mining operations present some of the toughest challenges for maintenance personnel. Often lube points are beyond protective safety guarding, in elevated locations or just inaccessible in hazardous areas.

Automatic Lubricators and remote mounting can offer both economical and safety benefits.


Extends equipment life
  • Lubricates equipment while it is running - no need to stop production
  • Delivers fresh grease at regular intervals to prevent the ingress of contaminants
Safer Compared to Manual Greasing
  • Reduces man hours by automating the lubrication process
  • Remote installation creates safer access for change-outs
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GREASOMATIC® Technical Data Sheet.pdf
Remote Mounting of Automatic Lubricators.pdf

Typical Applications

Crushers - Conveyors - Screens - Pumps - Mills

Greasomatic - Distance to Bearing

The GREASOMATIC® can be mounted up to six feet from the lube point. Gas generated lubricators should always be installed as close to the bearing as possible.

1Longer lube lines (up to 15 feet) can be achieved when using a NLGI #0 or lighter grease, or when using an oil.