With regards to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, the GREASOMATIC® is classified as a ‘simple product’ which does not possess its ‘own ignition source’ and as such does not come under the scope of the ATEX Directive.” ...TRAC testing regulatory and compliance.   .....Download
Belt conveyors are used in many industries for material handling in extremely harsh environments.   .....Download
Cost Effectiveness of Automatic Lubricators - Cost & Savings Analysis -- Using this analysis template you can quickly prepare an analysis of the cost of using MEMOLUB automatic lubrication as compared to the cost of manual lubrication. It will take but a few minutes of your time to provide the information requested on the "Information Input" form. If exact numbers are not immediately available a good estimate will be sufficent for a preliminary analysis. You can enter new data at any time.   .....Download
Analyzing the Financial Impact of Converting from Electro-Chemical, Gas-Generator, Lubricators to Electro-Mechanical Lubricators. -- Using this worksheet template, and with the input of 7 variables, representing your situation you can produce a number of schedules providing estimates of the financial effect this program will have on your operating costs.   .....Download
Under the criteria of the former British Coal Acceptance Scheme for Use of Non-Metallic Materials and Substances the “Greasomatic 96” is acceptable for use underground as an automatic single point lubrication device” … CERBERUS (Mining Acceptance Services) Ltd.   .....Download
Multi-Point Lubrication Distribution Block Set-up On each complete cycle of the Distribution Block, each output port ejects .3 cc's of lubricant. When 2 output ports are coupled using either the horizontal or vertical coupler, one of the output ports is blocked and its output diverted to the second port. The bearing that is connected to a coupled output port receives the lubricant from both ports or .6 cc's per cycle of the Distribution Block.   .....Download
Manufacturing facilities rely on electric motors to drive a wide variety of production equipment today.   .....Download