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Single-Point Lubricator

The MEMOLUB® EPS is an externally powered electromechanical lubricator that can be installed on a single lube point or coupled with a progressive distribution valve to lubricate from 2 to 12 points. This model requires an external 24VDC power source.
  • Reliable lubrication when you want it, reduce equipment downtime
  • Reusable pump - low cost replaceable lube cartridges
  • 52 programmable duration settings
  • Externally powered - use local power
  • 2 year lubricator warranty

Part Numbers:
MLEPS120-24V - MEMOLUB EPS Model 120cc
MLEPS240-24V - MEMOLUB EPS Model 240cc
MLEPS480-24V - MEMOLUB EPS Model 480cc

Lubricant cartridges sold separately

How to order your MEMOLUB® EPS lubricator - click here .pdf

Memolub EPS Pillow Block

The MEMOLUB® EPS lubricator automatically delivers a small, precise amount of lubricant at regular intervals for an continuous supply of fresh lubricant directly to your lube point. Prevents over and under lubrication problems related to manual lubrication.

  • 120, 240 or 480cc lubricant capacity
  • 350psi max output pressure from start to finish
  • Use with Oil or Grease (up to NLGI #2)
  • Remote mount up to 40 feet from the lube point
  • Use in intermittently used applications
Memolub EPS - Pillow Block Bearing

All MEMOLUB® EPS models use the same motor base assembly, making it easy to convert from one lubricant capacity to another by simply purchasing a low cost transparent housing kit.

Connecting Power to the EPS

The MEMOLUB® EPS is supplied with a 12" wire lead that is connected to an external power source. A constant 24VDC power is supplied during periods of machine operation and will continue to follow the program until power is removed. When initial power is supplied to the MEMOLUB® EPS lubricator it will cycle once and then follow the preset MEMO program. When power is turned off the lubrication cycle stops until power is reestablished.

Programming the MEMO System for use with the MEMOLUB® EPS

The MEMOLUB® EPS lubricant output is programmed using the simple MEMO system. It consists of a brass MEMO fitting, a black plastic timing-ring holder, and three plastic timing rings (one white, one red, and one black). The MEMO can be programmed to control both the frequency of lube cycles and the volume of lubricant discharged. Once the MEMO is programmed and installed any MEMOLUB® EPS lubricator will recognize the settings.

Memolub Memo System Chart | Power Lube Industrial
Memolub Memo System | Power Lube Industrial

Basic Frequency Settings

There are 7 basic frequency settings that are suitable for most industrial applications.  They are programmed by installing one or a combination of the three colored timing rings into the ring holder attached to the brass fitting. When you screw the MEMOLUB® lubricator onto the brass fitting, the timing rings depress the switches on the bottom of the lubricator. This activates the lubricator program.

Note: The "Months to Empty" is based on continuous use of the MEMOLUB® EPS lubricator. The lubricant cartridge will last longer with intermittent use.
Memolub Memo, Spacers & Timing Rings

Adjusting the Volume of Lubricant

Included in the MEMO kit is eight spacer washers for adjusting the amount of lubricant discharged per lube cycle. Installing one, or a combination of all eight washers, into the brass MEMO fitting will limit the stroke length of the piston inside the lubricator.

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Memolub EPS Technical Drawing | Power Lube Industrial
Memolub EPS Technical Drawing | Power Lube Industrial
  1. Lower temperatures can be achieved by using a low temperature grease and cold-weather battery packs
  2. Splitter Blocks cannot be used with oil, and are limited to 7 lubricant output settings.
  3. Maximum lube line length is dependent on ambient temperature, grease type and application back pressure.
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Application Case Study
Case Study No. 820 - Refrigeration Unit
Remote Fan Bearings | Power Lube Industrial
Fans & Blowers
Manual lubrication of fan bearings with difficult and dangerous access in a wet enviroment. Customer found chemical lubricators unreliable.
Remote mounted single-point MEMOLUB® Mega units on a 6 month setting assuring reliable and safe lubrication.


Application Case Study
Case Study No. 051019 - Bottle Unscrambler Lubrication
Memolub 5-Point Mutli-Point Lubrication System -- Bottle Unscrambler
Food & Beverage
This bottle unscrambler operated 24/7 making it very difficult to stop for the manufacturer-recommended service intervals. To lubricate the 5 bearings, the machine had to be completely shut down and locked out; and access to the bearings required several panels be removed. So, when lubrication was done, it was done so very quickly in order to get the equipment back up and running. This led to inadequate, and sometimes completely missed, lubrication.
We installed a MEMOLUB® 5-point Multi-Point Lubrication System to supply constant lubrication to the bearings, while the unscrambler was in operation. The lubrication system was mounted to the outside of the equipment, making it possible to replenish the lubricant supply without shutting down the equipment.
This was a huge advantage as it allowed maintenance technicians to avoid time-consuming lock-out/tag-out procedures while still remaining compliant with the facility’s safety protocols.
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